Root Canal Treatment Nottingham

Root canal treatment

If you’re experiencing intense tooth pain, it could indicate the need for root canal treatment. Factors such as tooth damage, cracks, decay, large fillings, or recent trauma increase the likelihood of requiring this procedure, as they leave the tooth vulnerable to infection.

When is a root canal required?

Root canal treatment becomes necessary when there’s a deep infection or inflammation within the tooth, often involving the blood or nerve supply. This can result from injury or severe decay. Without treatment, this infection can progress to a tooth abscess or even tooth loss.

What does treatment involve?

The treatment involves removing the infection from the tooth and sealing it to protect the damaged nerve, restoring oral health. Root canal procedures are performed under local anaesthetic and magnification to ensure comfort throughout the process.

During your visit to Holly Tree House Dental Practice, we begin by assessing the infection’s status through various investigations including X-rays. Local anaesthesia is then administered, and a rubber dam, a silicone sheet, is placed around the tooth to maintain dryness and accessibility during the procedure. Using specialised tools, the infected tissue is removed, and the tooth is filled with a rubber compound. This is typically followed by a temporary filling. The final stage involves crafting a custom-made crown to fit the tooth, which is fitted during a subsequent visit.

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