Our Team

Kayleigh Haslam

Dental Nurse/Receptionist

GDC: 187548

Kay attained her dental nursing qualification in 2010, with the passion to deliver empathetic care, particularly for patients who experience anxiety or require specialised attention.

She finds fulfilment in engaging with patients throughout their entire journey, whether it’s providing support before, during, or after procedures such as cosmetic enhancements, Invisalign treatments, or complex endodontic interventions like root canal therapy. Driven by her dedication to alleviating patient apprehension, Kay has enrolled on a sedation course, aiming to enhance her ability to offer reassurance and comfort to those in need.

In her leisurely time, Kay’s a bit of a foodie – she knows all the best spots! But don’t worry, she balances it out by staying active, like cruising around on roller skates. And when the sun’s out, you’ll find her soaking up good vibes at music festivals, gigs, or exploring cool places around the country.