Our Team

Hind Merghani

Dental Hygienist/Therapist

GDC: 294070

Hind is a devoted dental care professional with a wealth of postgraduate experience and experience in the field of clinical and academic dentistry since 2004. With a fervent dedication to promoting dental health on both an individual and community level, she strives to prevent and treat dental diseases while educating parents on oral hygiene and preventive techniques. Her commitment to advancing oral health led her to pursue a Doctorate in Dental Public Health in 2015, complemented by a Master’s degree in Public Health and a diploma in Epidemiology. Hind’s contribution to research and development include co-authoring publications with esteemed organisations such as the World Health Organisation and the World Bank. Grounded in both clinical practice and public health, she is devoted to enhancing community well-being through oral hygiene and preventative care initiatives. Beyond her professional pursuits, Hind is a wife and a mother to three wonderful children. In her leisure time, she finds joy in travel, leveraging her innate organisational skills, and indulging her passion for interior design.